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Since it was founded over 55 years ago, the UHRIG Group has developed into an internationally recognised specialist for sewage and rainwater systems. Our competencies are in the following areas:




The UHRIG Quick-Lock system is much more than just a repair procedure. The patented Quick-Lock-System based on compression and the durable materials V4A stainless steel and EPDM has proven itself for many years in the renovation of pipes. In addition to the classic application as a repair method in sewer rehabilitation, the Quick-Lock system is also used for connecting pipe liner systems and for rehabilitating walkable sewers.



The Therm-Liner, the custom-made and patented sewer heat exchanger system from UHRIG, consists of the heat exchanger modules and their optimum connection with the heat pump.


UAM proline

For almost 25 years we have been developing and building attachment compactors and compactor buckets for our construction sites. In 2013 we decided to make these extremely robust machines, equipped with all the technical refinements, available to the market. We offer quality made in Germany under the UAM brand.

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Plant construction: Weirs & aggregates

When it comes to flow cross-sections, impoundment targets or overflow areas, the UHRIG system engineering experts are at their best. In our system construction, we rely on custom-made weirs and aggregates made of reinforced concrete for all sewage systems - from sewers to retention basins in urban drainage.


Lowered structures

Civil engineering thought the other way around: The finished concrete body is lowered into a precisely fitting pit during the construction of a lowered structure. This saves space and time.

With patented processes we set new standards in terms of efficiency, ecology and economy. The UHRIG system relies on well thought-out complete solutions from start to finish.

Road and civil engineering

The roots of the UHRIG Group lie in road construction and civil engineering. This is how it all started in our family business. Civil engineering can be considered our foundation and has many facets with road construction, sewer construction, earthworks and special civil engineering, all of which UHRIG has mastered magnificently. While road construction is the “figurehead” because it is the only civil engineering work area whose execution can be seen above ground, the other work remains hidden underground.

UHRIG offers perfectly tailored solutions – even if we have to act in difficult terrain. We work under flowing traffic, at great depths or in difficult soils. Water crossings do not stop us. We know how to set a foundation under groundwater. Thanks to dynamic drives, the UHRIG experts make the most complicated routes possible. And sometimes a civil engineering structure is also lowered later: This is because we are able to rethink civil engineering completely.

Heat from wastewater

The idea of using the residual heat contained in wastewater is as simple as it is ingenious. A real treasure lies hidden in the sewer system under our feet, because wastewater is de facto a regenerative resource – very similar to wind power or solar energy. Heat recovery from wastewater has enormous potential, because wherever wastewater is generated, a lot of heat is required at the same time. This means: short transport routes from the producer to the consumer and therefore little loss. Heating with wastewater is not only ecologically sensible but also economical. The production costs of wastewater heat can even keep up with those of other energy sources without subsidies.

The Therm-Liner developed by UHRIG demonstrates our ambition of revolutionising the heating transition and therefore advancing the energy transition. The system is a waste water heat exchanger that is installed in the sewer system. It forwards the heat extracted from the wastewater to a heat pump, which uses electricity to process the heat energy and makes it available to a heating network or heating circuit. UHRIG has developed this new environmental technology until it is ready for the market and sells it successfully worldwide. Therm liners are not only used in Stuttgart or Berlin, but also in Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna.

Sewer rehabilitation

The “wastewater system” infrastructure is not always in good condition, because many a sewer has been doing its job for many decades. The current loads on sewers could not have been foreseen when construction began. A sewer inspection must therefore be carried out at regular intervals. If damage is found, the affected sewer sections must be rehabilitated. This is the only way to restore the functionality of the infrastructure and protect the environment from uncontrolled wastewater.

UHRIG Kanaltechnik also has a tried and tested solution ready: the Quick-Lock-System. It is time-saving and inexpensive. The stainless steel cuff for all cases offers exactly the right equipment for trenchless sewer rehabilitation. The modular Quick-Lock-System is available for all sizes of sewer pipes. From the accessible sewer to the house connection, damage caused by ingrown roots or vibrations can be sealed thanks to Quick-Lock. The work therefore restores the stability of the sewer. The automatic offset packer acts even in small pipes. The stainless steel cuff also works without any construction chemicals and is therefore not only suitable for sewer systems but also for industrial plants, wells or drinking water systems. And there is another plus point in favour of using Quick-Lock. The system is compatible with other pipe liner processes, so that by combining different processes, leaks and instabilities can be eliminated for many decades. This is how you can make older sewers fit for the future.

Intelligent sewer network

Sewers, manholes and rainwater systems are essential components of urban drainage. You therefore make an important contribution both to keeping the groundwater clean and to flood protection. This infrastructure must function smoothly. System operators are therefore obliged to invest a lot of manpower into monitoring and maintenance. UHRIG has of course recognised the urgency of public mandates. We therefore support wastewater companies with modern know-how and smart solutions.

Thanks to digitisation, intelligent sewer networks are possible today, because smart technology has long since found its way into the sewer system. The basis for this are systems which are permanently installed in the sewer, such as weirs and aggregates, as well as the perfect interplay of proven measurement technology, intelligent network technology and well thought-out software.

For example, regular, automatic surge flushing can prevent deposits that can lead to corrosion. This prevents damage to the infrastructure and helps to reduce renovation work.

Attachment compactor

For a long time, good equipment for compacting soil was uncommon. The inventors from UHRIG therefore made a virtue out of necessity and developed their own devices for our construction sites. We have been selling attachment compactors and compactor buckets under the UAM brand since 2013. We would like to make our innovative equipment available to all colleagues – be it in civil engineering, horticulture or pipeline construction. The UAM proline series is real “Made in Germany” quality and leaves nothing to be desired.

UHRIG attachments have been developed by professionals for professionals and are therefore robust and practical. Our engineers have deliberately equipped them with technical details that not only make work on the construction sites easier, but also make them safer. All that is needed for excavation, backfilling and compacting is a construction machine with the right equipment. This not only saves time and manpower, but also space on tight construction sites.

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