Uhrig Group

Since its founding more than 50 years ago, UHRIG Group has developed into an internationally recognized specialist for wastewater and rain water systems. Our competencies lie in the areas of:

  • Civil engineering
  • Quick-Lock
  • Energy from wastewater
  • UAM proline attachment compactors and compactor spoons

We make water clean again and ensure that our ground water always remains clean. We make the energy in wastewater usable for the heating and cooling of buildings. Thus, we are able to make a significant contribution to energy transformation in the heating market.

Our goals are: economic, climate-related, and environmental protection. Our aspiration is to always set new economic and ecological standards in our areas of competence. We work continually on the development of new procedures and technologies. We are proud to be able to support our work through numerous highly innovative, patented procedures. As a family-owned company, we place great value on a strong orientation toward service, cooperative, respectful collaboration, and social engagement.

Our motto: We will do this for you!