About us

UHRIG Group is a family-owned company from the city of Geisingen on the Donau in Baden-Württemberg. The company was founded a good five decades ago, and is by now represented worldwide with its products and services.

  • Competences: civil engineering, sewer system management, sewer renovation, energy from wastewater, compressor construction
  • Employees: nearly 120
  • Claim: forming sustainability, environmental protection and energy use

Since its founding in 1963, UHRIG has developed into an internationally recognized specialist for wastewater and rain water systems. The guideline of our company is: efficiency and climate and environmental protection. Our claim is to always set new economic and ecological standards in our areas of competence. Stemming from street and civil engineering, we have also developed numerous products and services based around our competences and have brought these to market.

We work continually on the development of new processes and technologies. We are proud to be able to support to our daily work through numerous innovative, patented procedures. As a family-owned company, we place great value on a strong orientation toward service, cooperative and respectful collaboration, as well as social engagement.

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