Civil engineering

We are a technological and market leader in the area of civil engineering. Representing this are numerous procedures which we have patented, with which we set economical and ecological standards, in particular with complex and demanding projects. We work constantly on innovative products and techniques. We offer complete services from a single source and tailor-made, innovative solutions for all demands surrounding civil engineering and sewer construction. We name our approach the “UHRIG System.” Our goal is to preserve the environment and save money using innovative procedures, and to thus nevertheless be better than our competitors.


Sewer system management

In the area of sewer management, we offer various products and services which we have developed from the ground up over the course of 50 years of experience in sewer systems and which we sell worldwide. We develop systems and control systems that are necessary for an innovative and future-oriented network management. We accompany sewer network operators from the initial idea through to the operation of controlled sewer networks and provide IT support in the optimization of such systems. Thus, we also contribute to the digitalization of the water economy.


Sewer renovation

The sewer system must be improved or repaired from time to time – just like a street network. Since 1993, we have brought our own systems/products to the market under the Quick-Lock brand. In addition to their classical use as a repair procedure regarding sewer renovation, the system is also used for the connection of hose liner systems and for the rehabilitation of accessible sewers. In the meantime, we sell our Quick-Lock products worldwide on five continents.


Energy from wastewater

There is an enormous energy potential in our wastewater. We want to make this potential usable for our existing energy in the heating market. For this, we at UHRIG have developed the “Therm-Liner,” a wastewater heat exchanger, which is already being used across Europe in over 70 systems for energy production. The Therm-Liner is a heat exchange system for subsequent installation in existing and newly constructed sewers. Heating and cooling with energy from wastewater is already a competitive field. Energy from wastewater could in the future cover about 14 percent of the heating need in the construction field. We want to revolutionize the heating market with Therm-Liner.


Compactor construction

To optimize our work in civil engineering, we have been developing our own devices and machines for several years. Our 50 years of experience in civil engineering have generated many ideas, which we do not implement just for ourselves, but which we also want to make accessible to the market, such as, for example, our compactor construction. Since 2013, we have been successfully selling these robust machines, equipped with all the technical refinements, under the UAM proline brand. Our sales partner for all products in the area of compactor construction is Kiesel GmbH.