Dynamic drive

Pipe jacking is a standard procedure in sewer construction. Overall in those places where the ground for a pipe laying cannot be raised or in which the expense would be too great, for example in the case of the crossing of railway lines or in particular great depths, pipes must be laid underground as an excavation pit or pressed horizontally into the ground.

Alternative to conventional pipe jacking, we offer controlled dynamic pipe jacking. Outward from the starting pit, a cladding tube is driven through the floor, which is cleared out first if it is located in an end position. The great advantage of this procedure lies in that it can be carried out with very little overlaps, and no settling will take place as with conventional drive. The median tubing is finally collected into the cladding tube and the ring gap is tamped down.

We carry out this procedure for positions up to 100 meters in length and with nominal widths up to DN 3200.

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