Sewer construction

Our approach, the UHRIG system, anticipates and masters all demands in the area of sewer construction. Our procedures are patented. They allow us to carry out sewer construction in minimally invasive fashion. The UHRIG system is highly innovative, saves time and money, and improves the environment.

Inner-city construction with flowing traffic, at great depths and in difficult geologies, is among our core expertise. We have further developed the classical sewer construction procedure, such that we can implement the most complicated building procedures quickly, economically, and with minimal intervention. In particular in cramped situations, the UHRIG system demonstrates its advantages, in particular through manless pipe laying at depths of up to 18 meters. Such excavations were up to now reserved only for classical pipe laying, which generated a substantially higher construction expense.

After the founding of our company in the 1960s, we have implemented sewer construction projects primarily in southern Germany. At present, we are active throughout Germany, and currently particularly frequently in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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