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What actually is waste water heat recovery? How does a sewer network work? Are there any figures, facts and explanations regarding my questions about energy from wastewater and civil engineering? UHRIG has compiled the answers to frequently asked questions and various documents for you to download. You will also find a comprehensive lexicon with background information and explanations of terms relating to sewer systems.

Do you have any questions? Here are the answers! Not everyone is a specialist in civil engineering, sewer technology or energy from wastewater. However, some would like to understand more precisely what it involves. Many questions come up again and again. We have compiled them and put the answers together for you in our FAQs. If your question is not included, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us or use our email form. Further information, documentation or presentations as well as data sheets and forms can be found in our download area. Here you can find out more about our company, our products and processes as well as reference projects. A professional world also has its technical terms. It is not immediately clear to everyone what is the meaning of primary energy, the Water Resources Act or a local heating network, how a heat pump works or what an integral sewer management system is. We have explained the most important terms for you in our lexicon.

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