Energy from wastewater

There is an enormous energy potential hidden in the wastewater available in our wastewater sewers because wastewater is continually available in large amounts. This energy can be made useful using wastewater heat exchangers and heat pumps. A good 5 to 14% of Germany’s building warming and warm water needs can be covered by energy from wastewater. Energy from wastewater offers:

  • Potential: energy from wastewater can cover about 5 to 14% of Germany’s building heating needs
  • Climate protection: Wastewater heat usage is energy efficiency and renewable energy at the same time
  • Availability: In particular in urban areas. The available sewer network can be used for the distribution of heat
  • Economic efficiency: Energy from wastewater is economically competitive without funding
  • Acceptance: Heat from wastewater is tapped below ground, without intervention into the landscape or city layout
  • Independence: Energy from wastewater reduces import dependence on fossil fuels, such as natural gas
  • Export potential: The energy gain from wastewater is “Made in Germany” and can find use worldwide

We are a market leader in the conception, design, construction and installation of wastewater heat exchangers. Our heat exchanger is called Therm-Liner. It is used across Europe. We have already realized and evaluated over 90 systems for the use of wastewater heating. Thus, we know: Energy from wastewater offers a substantial potential for the burgeoning heating revolution. Energy from wastewater is competitive even in comparison with fossil fuels and promises climate protection.

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