My project

The path to your own project for energy generation from wastewater is not far off. If you want to check whether wastewater can be a source of energy for your construction or renovation project, there are just three simple steps, in which we would be happy to assist you at any time:

Project development for energy from wastewater – My project in three steps

1. My energy need
  • What is my energy need?
  • Do I also have a need for cooling?
2. My wastewater
  • Where is the nearest official sewer in relation to my building?
  • How large is the sewer, how much does it guide, and what is its temperature?
3. My offer
  • What does energy from wastewater cost?
  • What do I now need to do next?

Speak with us or send us the completed “Energy from wastewater MY PROJECT checklist.” We would be happy to advise you at any time.