Sewer heat network

Do you know the look of smoky cooling towers and heat exchangers on roofs? Useless waste heat from factories and industries has so far been released into our environment and atmosphere in largely unused fashion, as well as heating our water. With our Therm-Liner system and our technology from sewer network management, this gigantic heat potential can be made usable.

Excess energy from factories and industry is delivered to the wastewater flow by the Therm-Liner system, transported via the sewer network, and extracted again downstream for the heating and cooling of buildings. With modern weirs for sewer network management, this wastewater and the energy flow is controlled and directed as needed.


  • High resource efficiency through repeat use of waste heat
  • Waste heat otherwise not usable can be distributed via the existing infrastructure of the sewer network.
  • Clear increase of the potential for the use of wastewater heat in Germany.
  • Increase of the performance number and thus the efficiency of heat pumps.
  • The wastewater network and the wastewater energy can feed district and local heating networks.
  • Additional value creation and workplaces in our own country.

Wastewater heat usage is based on an infrastructure, which is available in the long term independent of whether it is used energetically or not. The added value drawn from this infrastructure is thus particularly economically sensible. Energy generation from wastewater is thus a compartment linked in the best sense.