For ten years now, we at UHRIG have been engaged in energy generation from wastewater. We develop, build, and install wastewater heat exchangers. We have promoted technology development not only in theory, but also in practice. Nearly all of the 90 systems installed in Europe use our wastewater heat exchanger, the Therm-Liner. With the beginning of the energy revolution in the heating market, we are experiencing a quickly growing interest in this approach and in our technology. Wastewater usage is an important component for the heating revolution.

Energy from wastewater is a heat pump technology. It consists of three components.

  1. First, the heat exchangers, which can be mounted in each larger sewer, and which then deliver constant heat.
  2. Second, the development, that is, a line from the sewer to the heating room – like a house connection to a gas line.
  3. And, third, the heat pump, which makes the energy gained from the sewer usable with the help of a little power.

Particularly interesting in the energetic potential of wastewater is that the energy source and need already coincide optimally in terms of space. Overall where there are people and industry, because there there is wastewater and a great need for energy. The one can cover the other. With energy from wastewater, you can not only heat, but also cool. That makes wastewater heat usage still more attractive. In cities and in urban areas with more than 5,000 inhabitants, wastewater heat usage offers a substantial potential for heat conversion. Energy generation from wastewater spares money as well as the environment.