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Innovative technology and experienced competence at UHRIG

It is not without reason that we call sewer and civil engineering the “UHRIG system”. As committed advocates of climate protection, we have also entered the field of waste water heat recovery and are setting technological standards with our Therm-Liner. Find out more.

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Sewer rehabilitation made easy

Innovative repair process for ailing sewers. The connection to pipe liner processes is possible without any problems.



The innovative heat exchanger system from UHRIG

Therm-Liner - that is the name of the UHRIG heat exchanger system. Learn how to install it, how it works and under which conditions it works efficiently.



Highly specialised attachments

The attachments of the UAM proline series were developed by professionals for professionals. That is quality made in Germany!


Used machines

Used machines for compaction

We also sell used machines related to compaction. You are able to find our current offers here.

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Cascade weirs & spillways for modern wastewater systems

Relieving, flushing and regulating are the tasks of our weirs, which are part of the indispensable infrastructure of modern sewage systems. With many decades of civil engineering experience, we are continuously developing processes and technologies for the management of sewers.


Lowered structures

Civil engineering thought the other way around

The finished concrete body is sunk into a precisely fitting pit. This saves space and time. Find out more.


Dynamic drive

Using the advantages of pipe jacking

Laying pipes without digging - we make it possible for pipes up to 100 m long and nominal diameters up to DN 3200.


Water crossings

Under and over ... but with a system!

By means of various methods, a canal can be routed under, through or over a body of water. We are your specialists!

Are you interested in making an idea a reality with us?

Our aim is constantly to set new economic and ecological standards in our areas of competence. That is why we particularly focus on:

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