Quick-Lock BIG

System description

The Quick-Lock-BIG system was developed as a separable cuff for renovation in accessible pipe systems

Function principle
  • The Quick-Lock-Big system is based on the compression principle and the materials V4A and EPDM
  • The separable cuff is introduced into the pipe system via the entry opening.
  • The area of damage is expanded with the Quick-Log BIG tensioning tool.
  • The assembly set tensioning tool is all that is needed for the installation of the Quick-Lock BIG cuffs.
System advantages
  • simple offset procedure
  • long-lasting materials V4A stainless steel and EPDM
  • stored flexibly
  • no building chemistry
  • low investment in system technology
  • materials are consistently stable in municipal wastewater

Area of use

Quick-Lock BIG was conceived for the renovation of individual damages in accessible pipe systems. Classic damages are sleeve leakages and radial tears. In connection with an overlapping rubber, stretch damages that are longer than the overall length of the cuff can also be renovated.



The materials used here, V4A stainless steel and the EPDM rubber, have proven themselves in pipe construction for decades. The stainless steel material quality 1.4404 (316L) is nearly unlimitedly durable in municipal wastewater.

The EPDM rubber seal corresponds to the current state of sealing technology in pipe construction, with a high life expectancy and very high resistance.

Delivery program

You can get the Quick-Lock BIG system in two configurations:

  • Variant 1: Overall length 200 mm, diameter DN 800-1300; inner pipe pressure 1 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1 bar (two-piece)
  • Variant 2: Overall length 200 mm, diameter DN 1400-2000, inner pipe pressure 1 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1 bar (three-piece)
Quality and proofs

The repair of wastewater lines and channels through inner cuffs is regulated in information sheet 143-5.

The building permit is applied for.

The proof of the tightness of the Quick-Lock BIG system against exterior pressure was given in collaboration with the Fachhochschule Münster. The practical attempts and strength verifications have shown that Quick-Lock BIG can be used with an exterior pressure of up to 0.5 b with two-fold static safety.

You can find further information, downloads, and order forms here.