Quick-Lock LEM

System description

The new Quick-Lock liner end cuff is a system for connection hose lines to pipes and to structures. The ring room between the liner and the old pip is sealed in long-lasting fashion, and the liner end is protected against the mechanical influences of high-pressure flushing.

Function principle
  • The functioning of the liner end cuff is the same as that of the proven Quick-Lock system.
  • The EPDM rubber seal was conceived so that, in the respective nominal size, all customary liner wall strengths (GFK) can be compensated for.
  • To transfer the Quick-Lock liner end cuffs, only one set of air-pressure-controlled cutting tools, a transfer bladder adjusted for the system, or, in accessible profiles, the Quick-Lock BIG transfer tool is required.
System advantages
  • simple transfer procedure
  • long-lasting materials
  • approved for construction
  • Tight and resistant to HD flushing, IKT tested (DN 150 – DN 600)
  • Compensation of shrink characteristics of GFK inliners

Area of use

The proper use of the Quick-Lock liner end cuff is dependent on the respective hose situation. There are three connection variants for the liner end cuff:

Incorporation of liner into old pipe
The normal case

Pipe connection of liner into hose
The condition is that the surface of the pipe connection hose is suitable for sealing and that no angulation of the old pipe to the shaft integration can be recognized. Max. angulation 1 degree.

Cuff edge as plaster base
Flared cuff edge protrudes approx. 1-2 cm into the shaft interior and serves as a clean connection to the plastered pipe connection.



The materials used, V4A stainless steel and EDPM rubber, have proven themselves in pipe construction for decades. The stainless steel material quality 1.4404 (316L) is nearly unlimitedly durable in municipal wastewater.

The EPDM rubber seal corresponds to the current status of sealing technology in pipe construction with a high life expectancy and very high resistance.

For special uses in industry, refining, and saline water, you can get from us upon request the stainless steel cuff in special alloys and the rubber seal in NBR quality. For drinking water usages, you can get from us a drinking water seal with KTW approval.

Delivery program

You can get the Quick-Lock liner end cuffs in four configurations:

  • Variant 1: Overall length 250 mm, diameter DN 150-400 inner pipe pressure 10 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1.5 bar (one-piece)
  • Variant 2: Overall length 300 mm, diameter DN 450-800, inner pipe pressure 10 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1.5 bar (one piece)
  • Variant 3: Overall length 300 mm, diameter DN 700-1300, inner pipe pressure 10 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1.5 bar (two-piece)
  • Variant 4: Overall length 300 mm, diameter DN 1400-1600, inner pipe pressure 10 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1.5 bar (three-piece)
Quality and proofs

The connection of hose liner systems is regulated in the DWA information sheets:

  • DWA 143-5
  • DWA 143-3*

*Renovation of drainage systems outside buildings. Part 3: hose lining (on-site hardening hose lining) for wastewater lines and channels, user notice connection in the shaft area.

You can find further information, downloads, and order forms here.