Quick-Lock Brunnen

System description

The Quick-Lock system has also established itself in the renovation of drinking water and service water wells over the course of many years. Whether a vertical or horizontal installation, it is no matter for the Quick-Lock cuff.

Function principle
  • The installation of a Quick-Lock cuff in a vertical well pipe is hardly different than use in a horizontal pipe system.
  • In well renovation, the offset pressures must be adjusted to the respective water deepness (10-meter water column corresponds to 1 bar higher offset pressure).
  • For well renovation, you will get from us special offset equipment and materials allowed in drinking water.
  • The Quick-Lock offset packer for well renovation is specially constructed for vertical use.
  • Support bases hold the cuffs on the packer and guide the offset packer through the well piping centered.
  • a well camera
  • a tripod with winch
  • the Quick-Lock well packer
  • ballast against buoyancy
  • compressor
System advantages
  • simple offset procedure
  • long-lasting materials
  • stored flexible
  • no building chemistry
  • approved for construction
  • type static of old pipe condition II
  • low investment

Area of use

Independent of its raw materials, Quick-Lock can be used for numerous damages in the well piping.

  • Loose pipe connections
  • Eruptions and misalignments in the filter piping
  • The closing of complete filter zones



The stainless steel 1.4404 (316L) we use can be used in the area of drinking water without hesitation. As a seal, you will get from us a special drinking water seal, which corresponds to the requirements of the KTW recommendation of the public health department.

Delivery program

You can get the Quick-Lock wells in two configurations:

  • Variant 1: Overall length 400 mm, diameter DN 150-400, inner pipe pressure 10 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1.5 bar
  • Variant 2: Overall length 500 mm, diameter DN 450-800, inner pipe pressure 10 bar, exterior pipe pressure 1.5 bar

in connection with Quick-Lock well offset packers

Quality and proofs

The classic Quick-Lock cuff is up to the quality standard.

Only the seal is adjusted in quality to the requirements of the public health department (KTW recommendation).

You can find further information, downloads, and order forms here.