Sewer management

The management of existing and new sewer networks demands expertise and experience to be able to operate the demanding system channels efficiently and in cost-conscious fashion. Water and wastewater management present an extremely complex challenge that is already influenced by many factors.

With over 5 decades of experience in the construction and management of sewers, we are ready as your competent partner for the optimal monitoring of sewer networks. For years, we have been developing the most modern regulation and control technology that has helped water operators to undertake monitoring and maintenance tasks efficiently and effectively. Thus, the costs of network management can be lowered and a particularly environmentally-friendly management of the sewer networks can be ensured.

In water economy, the topic of digitalization is becoming ever more important. Here, too, UHRIG stands by a holistic approach. Our regulation and control technology comprises hardware as well as software, which helps to collect and evaluate data on the running canal network. Thus, the operation of a sewer network can be continually optimized and overseen – digitally.

All of this serves cost efficiency. Because the sewer system is an unseen but nevertheless essential infrastructure for our life and economy. It has been operated for generations. In this, it is essential to drive and dimension it exactly, and to adjust it if needed. Our control and regulation technology contributes to achieving this goal.

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