Water economy and sewer network operation are also being increasingly covered by digitalization. Measuring and network techniques are in the meantime operated on the basis of software, such that the network management can be implemented in an always more efficient, effective, and cost-conscious fashion. At UHRIG, we have specialized in the development and installation of such technologies.

Measuring and network technology

  • Sewer network management ensures the efficient use of resources from our available sewer system and thus opens up the possibility, in spite of increasing load from population and climate change, to further operate the sewer systems economically, in comparison with the traffic management system with regards to the resource of the “street,” which has already been used for decades.
  • UHRIG creates all those structures that are necessary for innovative and future-oriented network management.
  • The effects of control strategies on dirt load balances and water level locations in the sewer network are calculated and optimized with the most modern software. We accompany sewer network managers from the initial idea through to the operation of controlled sewer networks and support them in the optimization of such systems.


Circuits and software

  • UHRIG plans and builds control cabinets for sewage water control plants with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical drives. The control systems contain the complete technical infrastructure that is necessary for the management of the sewage network.
  • The interfaces between sewage and shaft construction on systems engineering, the optimal placement of measuring technology, cable guidance (with consideration for the EX protection problematics) are solved optimally and very economically.
  • Pre-finished and long-tested control modules for flush cleaning, water level control, high water protection and cascading, which are individually parametrizable, are used. The most modern hardware and software for control, visualization, and networking are used.


Your purposes

  • Planning, construction, and production up to software from one provider
  • Turnkey overall performance with function guarantee
  • The most modern hardware and software solutions