UAM proline from UHRIG

For almost twenty-five years, we have been developing and building attachment compactors and compactor spoons for our building sites. In 2013 we decided to make these extremely robust machines, equipped with all the technical refinements, accessible to the market. Under the brand UAM proline, we at UHRIG sell machines surrouding the topic of compacting.

The UAM proline series arose and grew out of 20 years of practical use in street and underground construction. Developed and finished by professionals for professionals, the UAM compactor is unparalleled in its robust and practice-oriented design. Through the use of attachment compactors, there is a brief amortization time because of effective and efficient compacting as well as the clearly higher capacity of the carrying devices. Cost-optimized, unmanned compacting, a minimized accident risk thanks to machine compacting directly at the location of use, as well as the upholding of all legal determinations regarding vibration and exhaust gases speak for the use of UAM attachment compactors.

Many users swear by an enormous smoothness achieved through the vertically arranged damping elements. Through the weighted swinging, there is a maximal transfer of force in the floor with minimal vibrations on the excavator arm and in the cabin. Thanks to its free configuration and broad model palette, the UAM attachment compactor for carrying devices of 1.5 to 60 tons will make your excavation work more effective and safer.

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