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We innovate

The UHRIG complete solutions are quality which is Made in Germany

The UHRIG system is the standard for our actions. We aim consistently to think through and optimise our projects from start to finish. This is the only way we can find perfect, individual solutions for complex problems. We rely on more than 55 years of experience. Half measures do not exist at UHRIG We only supply ready-to-use complete solutions that leave nothing to be desired and are technically up-to-date. This includes the possibility of subsequent scaling as well as the expansion with new components.

UHRIG employs numerous engineers to develop products and services continuously and to support customers in their day-to-day business as well as possible. We always have our finger on the pulse, because we listen carefully to our customers and analyse their wishes. Our innovation culture is not just part of the mission statement of the company, it is lived day in and day out by all employees. The future belongs to progress. At UHRIG, we never stand still and rest on our laurels that have already been achieved. Up to now, numerous UHRIG inventions have been patented and are used successfully around the world. With the UAM proline series, we are revolutionising the work of colleagues on construction sites with our attachments for construction machinery. With the Therm-Liner we are accelerating the energy transition by tapping the renewable resource wastewater for heat generation at low cost. We are also bringing digitisation into sewer systems, thereby enabling modern control for intelligent wastewater management. The Quick-Lock stainless steel cuff makes sewer rehabilitation easier. Unlike other minimally invasive processes, the system does not require any additional construction chemicals and is therefore just as suitable for use in industrial plants and drinking water pipes as it is for sewage systems.

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More than just a repair method for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

The patented Quick-Lock-System based on compression and the durable materials V4A stainless steel and EPDM has proven itself for many years in the renovation of pipes.

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Building block of the energy and heat transition

Heat recovery from wastewater: Using existing potential efficiently with UHRIG

Heat from wastewater lies dormant, like a treasure beneath our feet. It has enormous potential in terms of sustainability, is economical and efficient. Our Therm-Liner heat exchanger can make wastewater energy usable.


Compactor spoon

Allow excavation and compaction without changing tools

The compactor spoon for which a patent is pending combines attachments for excavation, backfilling and compaction in one product that is completely new to the market. With the help of a driven imbalance in the spoon, the attachment replaces a compactor or vibrating plate.

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Cascade weirs & spillways for modern wastewater systems

Relieving, flushing and regulating are the tasks of our weirs, which are part of the indispensable infrastructure of modern sewage systems. With many decades of civil engineering experience, we are continuously developing processes and technologies for the management of sewers.

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