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Environmental protection: Water is a precious commodity that is in danger

UHRIG attaches great importance to nature and environmental protection - especially water protection. Without water there is no life. The calculation is simple. Every day we use huge amounts of water for cooking, washing or in industry. Wastewater is collected in the sewer system, fed into the sewage works and treated. Urban drainage thereby makes a very important contribution to environmental protection. Day in and day out, it reliably prevents the endangerment of groundwater and surface water and therefore secures the long-term supply of drinking water. This is often forgotten because sewage systems are mostly invisible. We go even further and also use wastewater as a climate-friendly source of energy. Find out more!

For us, sustainability is not just a cliche, but rather a fundamental corporate objective that we live by. With our passion for sewer construction, at UHRIG we have dedicated ourselves entirely to the problem of wastewater management. We not only plan the course and construction of sewer systems, we also support wastewater companies in the precise control of the wastewater volume. This is the only way to prevent, for example, untreated wastewater from entering the environment during heavy rains. If the sewer system has to be repaired, we make sure that the selected procedures intervene as little as possible in the environment and therefore keep the impact on the ecosystems from the construction work as low as possible. The huge potential of wastewater energy is of great interest to us. Our engineers innovated until we had developed the Therm-Liner, a market-ready system for recovering heat from wastewater. After all, wastewater is not just a burden, wastewater is also a resource and can make a valuable contribution to the energy transition. It helps to slow global warming and protect the climate. Our wastewater heat exchangers are in use all over the world from Paris to Rotterdam to Stavanger.

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Our product - the Therm-Liner

Therm-Liner - that is the name of the UHRIG heat exchanger system. Learn how to install it, how it works and under which conditions it works efficiently.


Water crossings

Under and over ... but with a system!

By means of various methods, a canal can be routed under, through or over a body of water. We are specialists and we keep the impact on the environment as small as possible!

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Cascade weirs & spillways for modern wastewater systems

Relieving, flushing and regulating are the tasks of our weirs, which are part of the indispensable infrastructure of modern sewage systems. With many decades of civil engineering experience, we are continuously developing processes and technologies for the management of sewers.

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