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Practical machines for compacting soil were a rarity for a long time. Our experts have therefore developed their own equipment for our construction sites and geared it to our high demands. In 2013, the UHRIG Group decided to make these attachment compactors and compactor spoons available to all construction companies under the UAM brand.

UHRIG also relies on complete solutions in the field of attachment compactors. With our UAM compacting bucket, digging, backfilling and compacting can be possible with just one tool. Well thought-out and cleverly designed, we increase not only efficiency but also safety on construction sites. Construction machines can thus be better utilised through flexible attachments. This not only saves resources, but is also a massive help on tight construction sites. Necessary compaction work is carried out cost-optimised and unmanned directly on site.Attachment compressors, compressor construction, add-on machines, UHRIG


Product: UAM proline

Attachment compactor and compactor spoon

The UAM proline series has evolved and grown from over 20 years of practical use in road construction and civil engineering. Developed and manufactured by professionals for professionals, the UAM compactors are unparalleled thanks to their robust and practice-oriented design.


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Used machines for compaction

We also sell used machines related to compaction. You are able to find our current offers here.


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