Civil engineering

Our classic: The UHRIG system

We advise, plan and execute - and we do so according to the highest technological, ecological and economic standards: We call this a complete solution based on the UHRIG system. There is no such thing as too complicated. We work under flowing traffic, at great depths or in difficult soils. Rely on the skills of professionals and contact us!

We know our way around civil engineering. Show us your project and we will identify difficulties, face challenges and look for possible solutions. We draw on 55 years of experience, patented technologies and innovative ideas. Our UHRIG system has proven itself for many years: We offer advice, planning and implementation as a complete solution. We see environmental and climate protection as our highest responsibility. Minimally invasive methods are used, which ensure the least possible interference with the environment. This is how we want to revolutionise civil engineering and drive decarbonisation on construction sites.


Sewer construction

Under the ground with UHRIG: Specialists at work

Mit innovativer Technik und langjähriger Erfahrung With innovative technology and many years of experience, we are ready for your specialised order. Preparation and environmentally friendly implementation included.


Lowered structures

Civil engineering thought the other way around

The finished concrete body is sunk into a precisely fitting pit. This saves space and time. Find out more.


Dynamic drive

Using the advantages of pipe jacking

Laying pipes without digging - we make it possible for pipes up to 100 m long and nominal diameters up to DN 3200.


Water crossings

Under and over ... but with a system!

By means of various methods, a canal can be routed under, through or over a body of water. We are your specialists!


Specialist service

Expertise from the groundbreaking to the handover

We answer your questions, provide background information and are available as contacts for projects providing know-how and expertise.

With new ideas for our goals

We have more than 55 years of experience. This is a solid foundation, but of course we are not resting on it. With technological innovations and fresh ideas, the UHRIG Group would like to meet professional ethical, ecological and economic demands:

  • Innovation: Many of our processes are patented. They are somewhere between the classic open laying and pipe jacking. They combine the advantages of both technologies and are unique in the market.
  • Sustainability: Thanks to our developments and out of conviction, we work in a particularly sustainable, economical and resource-saving way.

Climate protection: The goal of “CO2 reduction” is an elementary component of our corporate strategy, with which we also want to set the course for decarbonisation in civil engineering.


Our services

As a specialist company for road construction and civil engineering, UHRIG offers a wide range of services, nationwide. In sewer construction, for example, we use controlled dynamic drive with nominal diameters of up to DN 3200 and for manholes up to 100 metres long. Two of our other specialities in the field of civil engineering are watercourse crossings and so-called lowered structures, which are sunk ready-concreted for a precise fit.

Are you interested in making an idea a reality with us?

Our aim is constantly to set new economic and ecological standards in our areas of competence. That is why we particularly focus on:

Sustainability &
Environmental protection

Experience &
Know how

Innovation &