Product: UAM proline

Developed and manufactured by professionals for professionals

For almost 25 years, we have been working on our construction sites with excavator-mounted compactors, which we have built and further developed for this purpose. In 2013, we decided to make these extremely robust machines, equipped with all the technical refinements, available to the market. Under the brand UAM proline, we at UHRIG produce and sell machines for all aspects of compaction.

The UAM proline series has evolved and grown from over 20 years of practical use in road construction and civil engineering. Developed and manufactured by professionals for professionals, the UAM compactors are unparalleled thanks to their robust and practice-oriented design. The use of attachment compactors results in a short amortisation period due to effective and efficient compaction and the significantly higher utilisation of the carrier equipment. Cost-optimised, unmanned compaction, a minimised risk of accidents due to mechanical compaction directly at the place of use, as well as compliance with all legal regulations regarding vibrations and exhaust gases are convincing arguments for the use of UAM attachment compactors.

UAM-Attachment compactor

Equipped with all technical refinements

The attachment compactors of the UAM proline series offer a wide range of applications: From mini excavators to 60t chain excavators, always the right attachment. The free configuration and the wide range of models is unique in this field.


UAM compactor spoon

Allow excavation and compaction without changing tools

The compactor spoon for which a patent is pending combines attachments for excavation, backfilling and compaction in one product that is completely new to the market. With the help of a driven imbalance in the spoon, the attachment replaces a compactor or vibrating plate.


Used machines

Used machines for compaction

We also sell used machines related to compaction. You are able to find our current offers here.

Many users confirm the extremely smooth running that is achieved by the vertically arranged damping elements. The directional vibration results in maximum power transmission into the ground with minimal vibration on the excavator arm and in the cab. Thanks to the free configuration and the wide range of models, the UAM attachment compactors for carriers from 1.5 to 60 tonnes also make your earthworks more effective and safer.

You can find more information about UAM proline on our YouTube channel.

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