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Intelligent sewer networks

More efficiency for smooth urban drainage

Sewers and manholes are an integral part of urban drainage and an infrastructure that must function smoothly. Regular monitoring and maintenance are essential. UHRIG has recognised the importance of the public contract and supports waste water companies with the most up-to-date know-how. The UHRIG solution for intelligent sewer networks is backed up by over 50 years of experience in sewer construction combined with innovative technology.

The digitalisation of our everyday life is advancing and does not stop at the infrastructure. The combination of measurement technology, process control technology and automation technology is set to revolutionise sewer management. Data is now available both in real time and around the clock, without staff having to go into the sewers and expose themselves to the dangers therein. Integral channel management is thus able to detect problems at an early stage and take targeted countermeasures if necessary. Thanks to the intelligent sewer networks, this can now be done at a time when rehabilitation costs are still low and corresponding work can also be planned in the longer term. In its daily work, UHRIG always aims to develop perfect solutions for challenging problems. Intelligent sewer networks are our answer to the challenges of the future.

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Sewer management

Smart solutions for monitoring & control of wastewater systems

We develop smart, individual solutions for clever sewer management. In doing so, we rely on the latest technology in network technology, process optimisation and automation.

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System construction

UHRIG is your specialist for weirs & aggregates in sewage systems

When it comes to flow cross-sections, impoundment targets or overflow areas, the UHRIG system engineering experts are at their best. In our system construction, we rely on custom-made weirs and aggregates made of reinforced concrete for all sewage systems - from sewers to retention basins in urban drainage.


Specialist service for intelligent sewer networks

Competence in advice and execution

The management of intelligent sewer networks is a broad field. We provide detailed information, explain the background and answer your questions. When it comes to planning and realizing your specific project, UHRIG is also the right contact for you. Give us a call!

Smart sewers can do more

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things. Smart homes, smart grids and smart technology are buzzwords in the public debate. And just as a modern refrigerator can report when the milk is running low, or a new washing machine is able to automatically start the washing programme at night, today the sewer network under our feet can also automatically make itself known when there are problems at key points. Intelligent sewer networks are no longer rocket science – on the contrary! Digitalisation is also making its way into the Republic’s wastewater systems, because it helps to save costs and increase safety. Modern measurement technology is the basis for clever sewer management by collecting data around the clock without an employee having to climb down into the sewers. The measured values can be automatically forwarded to the central control centre in real time and evaluated there. Modern automation technology enables corresponding control at the push of a button. With their help, weirs and aggregates can be activated centrally if required and thus, for example, surge flushing can be carried out in a section of the sewer.

Modern sewer technology reports problems at an early stage

The modern technology of intelligent sewer networks also helps to detect damage to sewage pipes and manholes from an early stage. In this case, a sewer repair is usually unavoidable, but it may not be necessary to carry out an expensive complete renovation. It is often sufficient to repair damage to smaller sections and only renovate the sewers instead of rebuilding them from scratch. With the patented Quick-Lock, UHRIG has developed a revolutionary system that restores the stability of damaged pipes with the help of a stainless steel sleeve without construction chemicals and can be easily combined with pipe liner procedures. This means that leaks have no chance – whether in sewers, drinking water pipes or wells. This is not only sustainable, it also protects the groundwater and thus makes an important contribution to water protection. Quick-Lock is one of the trenchless rehabilitation methods. It is therefore highly efficient in terms of time and cost.

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