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Perfecting internal pipe rehabilitation with Quick-Lock

Sewer rehabilitation made easy. With the introduction of the Quick-Lock system over 25 years ago, UHRIG provided a revolution in the renovation of sewers. The success story is unbroken to this day and is continued day in and day out around the world. The stainless steel sleeve we developed and patented with the durable rubber seal makes it possible to repair sewage systems quickly and efficiently – without extensive digging and the associated high costs.

“A stainless steel sleeve for all cases” – this is perhaps the best way to describe the Quick-Lock system for sewer rehabilitation. If sewage pipes or drinking water pipes have to be sealed or the restoration of their integrity has to be ensured, the solution is simply called Quick-Lock from UHRIG. The patented system is available for small pipe diameters as well as for accessible sewers. With Quick-Lock Flex, bridging positional deviations in pipes is also no longer a problem. Thanks to the specially developed offset packer, all renovation work can be carried out in a minimally invasive way. Open excavations – associated with high costs, large numbers of personnel, necessary safeguards and enormous interference in the environment – are now a thing of the past.

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More than just a repair method for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

The Quick-Lock system has been successfully used for many years as a repair method for closed sewer rehabilitation. The basis of our development and production is quality and sustainability.


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Our service providers are all specialist companies in the fields of sewer inspection, sewer rehabilitation or well rehabilitation. Our more than 20 years of experience in renovation with the Quick-Lock system forms the basis for training and technical support for our customers. Our partners are obliged to have their application technicians regularly trained.


Specialist service Sewer rehabilitation

Competence in advice and execution

The rehabilitation of the sewer network is a broad field with sometimes tricky challenges. We provide detailed information, explain the background and answer your questions. When it comes to planning and realizing your specific project, UHRIG is also the right contact for you. Give us a call!

Holistic approach: Combination with pipe liners possible without any problems

But Quick-Lock can do even more than sealing and stabilising as part of sewer rehabilitation. The method can also be combined with other pipe liner methods and thus bridges the gap between different approaches to sewer rehabilitation. Quick-Lock sets new standards in terms of advantages: It does not require any construction chemicals and is therefore particularly suitable for use in drinking water systems. Both the stainless steel used and the seal are also very robust, so that even acids and alkalis cannot harm them. This is a convincing argument for industrial systems.


“By professionals for professionals”: covers all eventualities

Because it is a modular system, Quick-Lock allows damage to be repaired over longer distances by simply inserting module after module into the sewer and connecting them together. Since UHRIG develops all products true to the guideline “from professionals for professionals”, we have also thought through sewer renovation from start to finish and optimised Quick-Lock for the special requirements. We placed particular emphasis on the sustainability of the product, because future orientation and environmental protection go hand in hand at UHRIG.


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