Heat from wastewater

UHRIG firmly believes in the sustainable energy transition and climate protection

Residual heat in the wastewater is utilised as heating energy via heat exchangers and heat pumps. An idea as simple as it is ingenious. Because wastewater heat recovery is characterised by climate friendliness, economic efficiency and enormous potential. If necessary, the same system can also be used to cool buildings in the summer - only according to the opposite principle. UHRIG sets innovative, technological standards with its patented Therm-Liner systems.

The idea: The wastewater that we let flow through our sewers day in, day out, contains enormous energy potential. After all, wastewater is available all the time and in large quantities, and wastewater is warm. That means: It still has thermal energy that is far too often lost or unused. UHRIG has committed itself to tap this free, widely available and, above all, environmentally friendly energy source and to make it usable via our patented Therm-Liner system. You can find more facts about heat from wastewater further down on this page, on the following topic pages and on our YouTube channel.

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Heat from wastewater: Building block for the heat transition

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Heat from wastewater lies dormant, like a treasure beneath our feet. It has enormous potential in terms of sustainability, is economical and efficient.


Our product - the Therm-Liner

How the innovative heat exchanger system from UHRIG works

Therm-Liner - that is the name of the UHRIG heat exchanger system. Learn how to install it, how it works and under which conditions it works efficiently.

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My project: Climate-friendly heat from wastewater

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Where heat from wastewater is already being used

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The facts

The great potential of wastewater heat recovery can best be illustrated with a few facts and figures:

  • Potential: Heat from wastewater can cover an estimated 5 to 14% of the building heating and hot water requirements in Germany.
  • Climate protection: Wastewater heat utilisation does not need fossil fuels. If the electricity for the heat pump comes from renewable energies, the CO2 emissions are zero.
  • Availability: Wastewater heat is predominantly generated where it is needed – in cities and conurbations.
  • Previously generated heat energy is used instead of being wasted. The distribution can fall back on and use the existing sewer network.
  • Economic efficiency: Heat from wastewater is competitive even without subsidies.
  • Acceptance: Wastewater heat is tapped underground without interfering with the landscape or townscape.
  • Independence: Wastewater heat reduces dependence on fossil fuels.


The company

Energy generation from wastewater is “Made in Germany” and has strong export potential because it can be applied worldwide. UHRIG is the market leader in the conception, design, construction and installation of wastewater heat exchangers. Our heat exchanger – the Therm-Liner – is already in use in almost 100 wastewater heat recovery plants across Europe. And our practical experience from this shows: Energy generation from wastewater is competitive and a convincing factor in the energy transition.

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