Lowered structures are a clever production method that is revolutionising civil engineering. First of all, the structure above ground is made of concrete. Only then is the excavation of the excavation pit and the sinking carried out. The procedure is space-saving and very cost-efficient. The UHRIG motto “We'll do it for you!” is almost literally “set in stone” by our employees. If you would like to find out more about the advantages of this unusual design, please contact us!

First build, then sink

The usual procedure is as follows: First of all, the excavation pit is excavated, fastened and prepared for use in civil engineering. Then the structure is concreted in the pit on site. We think the other way round: So-called lowered structures are one of our specialties at UHRIG. In this process, our skilled workers first concrete a structure above ground and only then lower it into a precisely fitting pit.


Advantages of the lowering technique

Why? The answer is quite simple: When lowering a construction, we save time and space. In other words: We save resources and costs. Because with this method, the construction site area is significantly smaller. Extensive excavation, support and securing of the construction pit are no longer necessary. Only after the building has been completed will a precisely fitting pit be dug. The actual lowering is quick – so there are no costs for a long-term construction pit.

Lowered structures belong to the area of specialist civil engineering. Of course, not every construction can be realised in this way: However, we check the feasibility of each project in advance and then make appropriate proposals to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the various processes. The “lowering structures through special civil engineering” approach is once again an example of UHRIG’s claim to develop tailor-made solutions for every project.

Good reasons to choose Uhrig
Sustainability & Environmental protection

Sustainable and careful action is not just a cliche for us. We make bodies of water clean again and ensure that our groundwater always remains clean.

Experience & Know how

With over 55 years of experience in civil engineering and sewer construction, we know what is important in our complete solutions which are well thought out from start to finish, so that we can hand over a project that is ready for operation.

Innovation & Engagement

There is always an adjustment, that would enable us to do even better with our products. We therefore constantly work on innovations and improvements.

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