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More than just a repair method for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

The UHRIG Quick-Lock system is much more than just a repair procedure. The patented Quick-Lock-System based on compression and the durable materials V4A stainless steel and EPDM has proven itself in the renovation of pipes over many years. In addition to the classic application as a repair method in sewer rehabilitation, the Quick-Lock system is also used for connecting pipe liner systems and for rehabilitating walkable sewers.

The Quick-Lock system has been successfully used for many years as a repair method for closed sewer rehabilitation. The basis of our development and production is quality and sustainability. Positive long-term experience from clients and Quick-Lock users worldwide also guarantees you pipe rehabilitation of the highest level with Quick-Lock. We now sell the patented Quick-Lock system worldwide.

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Quick-Lock: Detailed information on the repair procedure

Everything about the revolutionary stainless steel sleeve at a glance

The Quick-Lock system revolutionises sewer rehabilitation. You can find out more about the system description, the functional principle and the areas of application here.


Quick-Lock LEM

Liner end cuff

The abbreviation LEM comes from the German word for liner end cuff. This component in the Quick-Lock system from UHRIG is used to connect pipe liners to pipes and structures.


Quick-Lock BIG

Separable cuff for rehabilitation in accessible pipe systems

For large pipe systems, the Quick-Lock system is also available as a divisible cuff in XXL.


Quick-Lock Wells

Vertical or horizontal installation? Both are possible with the Quick-Lock Wells!

The Quick-Lock system has established itself over many years in the renovation of drinking water and service water wells. Both vertical or horizontal installation are possible with the Quick-Lock cuff.


Quick-Lock Flex

Easily bridge positional deviations of pipe connections

The new Quick-Lock Flex cuff can be used for positional deviations of pipe connections.


Quick-Lock Mini

System for connecting house connection liners

The new Quick-Lock Mini liner end cuff in the nominal widths DN 100, DN 125 and DN 150 with an overall length of 140 mm is a system for connecting house connection liners. The annular space between the liner and the old pipe is permanently sealed and the liner end is protected from the mechanical influences of high-pressure flush cleaning.


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Global partners

Specialist companies in the fields of sewer inspection, sewer rehabilitation or well rehabilitation

Our service providers are all specialist companies in the fields of sewer inspection, sewer rehabilitation or well rehabilitation. Our more than 20 years of experience in renovation with the Quick-Lock system forms the basis for training and technical support for our customers. Our partners are obliged to have their application technicians regularly trained.

More about Quick-Lock you can find out in this image clip.


Function principle

  • The Quick-Lock system seals and stabilises the damaged area in a purely mechanical way, without construction chemicals and independent of the pipe material.
  • The patented Quick-Lock closure ensures secure compression of the EPDM seal.
  • The sleeve remains elastically supported after the renovation absorbing movements of the pipelines.
  • In the event of longer damaged stretches, the Quick-Lock cuffs are placed in series one after the other.



  • The Quick-Lock cuff is moved using a sewer camera or a robot system, with a compressor and the Quick-Lock offset packer.


System advantages

  • Simple relocation process
  • Durable materials VA4 stainless steel and EPDM articulated bearings
  • No construction chemicals
  • Building regulation approved
  • Type static old pipe condition II
  • Flush resistant according to DIN 19 523
  • Low investment in system technology




Scope of application

The Quick-Lock cuff has a wide range of applications. Be it horizontal or vertical, above or below water level, it doesn’t matter to the Quick-Lock cuff. Due to the high quality and resistance of the materials used, Quick-Lock can not only be used in sewer rehabilitation, but also in the drinking water sector or for industrial applications.


Closed sewer rehabilitation

The Quick-Lock system can be successfully implemented for many types of damage:

  • Tear systems
  • Fragmentation
  • In- and exfiltration
  • Root intrusion
  • Leakage
  • Closing blind inlets

If the damage pattern is longer than the sealing area of a single cuff, the Quick-Lock cuffs can be lined up together endlessly. The overlapping rubber seal ensure there are no leaks.


Industrial application

The materials used for the Quick-Lock cuffs, V4A stainless steel and EPDM, have a high resistance to corrosion and heat. This results in a wide range of possible applications in the area of industrial piping systems. The V4A stainless steel 1.4404 used can also be used to a limited extent with high pollutant concentrations of acids and alkalis. EPDM can be used at temperatures up to 120 degrees and resists high concentrations of acids and alkalis. Before using Quick-Lock in industrial applications, the resistance of the V4A stainless steel and the EPDM seal must be tested by means of a wastewater analysis.


Mobile application

Should a construction site is not accessible with the rehabilitation truck, e.g. on landfills, track drainage systems or tunnel drainage, Quick-Lock can be used on a mobile basis thanks to the transportable equipment.


Drainage area

Quick-Lock cuffs can be produced in perforated design for use in wells, horizontal wells and seepage pipes. The seepage capacity of the pipe system is also maintained and the statics are restored.


Pre-sealing and pre-stabilisation

In the case of extreme infiltration or static stabilisation, Quick-Lock can be used as a pre-seal before pipe lining measures. The Quick-Lock cuff is barely visible under the liner.


Pressure pipelines

The Quick-Lock system can be used in pressure pipelines with an internal pressure of up to 10 bar.






The materials used here, V4A stainless steel and EPDM rubber, have proven themselves in pipeline construction for decades. The stainless steel material grade 1.4404 (316L) is almost indefinitely durable in wastewater.

The rubber seal made of EPDM corresponds to the current state of the art in sealing technology in pipeline construction with a very high life expectancy and very high levels of resistance.

For special applications in industry, refineries and saline waters, we will be pleased to supply you with stainless steel cuffs in special alloys on request. For this purpose we offer a rubber seal in NBR quality for applications with oils, greases & hydrocarbons. For drinking water applications we offer a drinking water seal with KTW approval.

The Quick-Lock cuffs are available in two configurations:

  • Variant 1: Overall length 400 mm, diameter DN 150-400, inner pipe pressure 10 bar, outer pipe pressure 1.5 bar
  • Variant 2: Overall length 500 mm, diameter DN 450-800, inner pipe pressure 10 bar, outer pipe pressure 1.5 bar

The Quick-Lock cuffs must be installed with the respective Quick-Lock offset packer; this is the only way to guarantee quality service. We can provide you with a large number of special measures for non-standardised internal pipe diameters. For applications in pressure pipe rehabilitation, we will be happy to advise you personally. In case of damage in drainage lines or filter piping, Quick-Lock is available as a perforated cuff.


Quality and proofs

In addition to a high-quality product, we place the highest value on professional application by our service providers. The repairs of wastewater pipes and sewers by means of inner cuffs are regulated in the new data sheet DWA M 143-5.

Quick-Lock has been approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) since 2005. The approval regulates the quality assurance of the Quick-Lock system with all its components. We are externally monitored twice a year by the Darmstadt Materials Testing Institute.

The requirements for high-pressure flushing resistance of pipe and rehabilitation systems are regulated in DIN 19523. According to this standard, the Quick-Lock system fulfils the same requirements as a newly laid pipe system. 60 flushing sequences with a pressure of 110 bar at the nozzle and a subsequent leak test were the requirements that were successfully met.

By using the Quick-Lock system, the stability of the pipe is restored. Quick-Lock is the only partial rehabilitation system with a type statics for old pipe condition II, based on a hydrostatic water pressure of 5 m water column with double static safety.


All information (data sheets, manuals and approvals) as well as all order forms can be found at:

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