Pipe jacking is ideal wherever the ground cannot be excavated for pipe laying or where this would not make economic sense. In this standard procedure, a pipe is driven horizontally into the ground. As a specialised company, UHRIG not only offers conventional pipe jacking but also controlled dynamic jacking. Ask us about it!

Pipe jacking as a variant

Two methods can be considered for laying pipes and lines:

  • Method 1: A channel is dug and the pipe is laid in it. This construction method belongs to the open excavation methods.
  • Method 2: The pipe is driven underground. This makes it one of the trenchless methods.

In certain cases, pipe jacking is not only the more economical option, but even the only one possible, for example under railway lines, watercourses or at great depths. Pipe jacking is therefore also a standard method in sewer construction. The pipes are pressed, shot or rammed horizontally through the ground from an excavation pit and only subsequently cleared.


Controlled dynamic drives

The soil conditions, but also the pipe diameter, the length and the accuracy of the borehole determine the selection of the jacking system and the equipment. Conventional pipe jacking is uncontrolled, i.e. the machine is precisely aligned and the actual jacking then takes place without any further control. Alternatively, UHRIG also offers controlled dynamic feeds. In the process, a casing pipe is first driven through the ground from the starting pit and is only cleared out when it is in its final position. The great advantage of this method is that it can also be carried out with very little overlap and that no subsidence occurs. A media pipe is then drawn into the casing pipe and the annular gap is sealed. UHRIG carries out this procedure for manholes up to 100 m long and nominal diameters up to DN 3200. Please contact us for further information or advice!

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