UAM-Attachment compactor

Equipped with all technical refinements

Practical machines for compacting soil were a rarity for a long time. Our experts have therefore developed their own equipment for our construction sites and geared it to our high demands. In 2013, the UHRIG Group decided to make these attachment compactors and compactor spoons available to all construction companies under the UAM brand.

A permanent logging of the working frequencies and the place of operation takes place through an integrated GPS module. With the help of the UAM app, the data can be read out and a log created that can be presented as proof in the event of damage.


Attachment compactor HD200TL + 200TS

The classic option for compaction around pipes and manholes

HD 200TL » Plate size: 280 x 750 mm
HD 200TS » Plate size: 280 x 750 mm


Attachment compactor HD300 to HD2000

The series for surface compaction

HD 300 » Plate size 450 x 780mm
HD 500 » Plate size: 580 x 800 mm
HD 800 » Plate size: 660 x 1000 mm
HD 1200 » Plate size: 770 x 1200 mm
HD 1500 » Plate size: 900 x 1350 mm
HD 2000 » Plate size: 1100 x 1550 mm


Attachment compactor UAM HD1000 + HD1400

The new series for the mid-price segment

HD 1000 » Plate size: 720 x 1100 mm
HD 1400 » Plate size: 850 x 1370 mm


Attachment compactor UAM HD125 + HD140

The ideal choice for mini and compact excavators

HD 125 » Plate size: 270 x 740 mm
HD 140 » Plate size: 400 x 740 mm



More safety for your construction site.

In order to avoid damage to pipes and surrounding buildings, we developed the UAM Controller. From the HD800 series onwards, you can buy it as an optional accessory.


UAM Extension plates

Extend the field of application

The UAM proline attachment compactors are given an even wider range of applications through the use of the extension plates. Order these efficient accessories now.

Technical details – specifications for the entire model range

  • Only one central hydraulic block, mounted in a protected position, adjustable oil quantity for different sequences
  • Self-locking hydraulic slewing gear with worm gearbox
  • Vertically mounted vibration elements, UV-protected, thus significantly longer service life
  • Forklift pockets for better handling (except HD200.., HD125, HD140)
  • Large oil reservoir, thus optimum cooling and lubrication of the moving components
  • High-quality oil motor with optimised pipe routing
  • Solid one-piece base plate
  • Robust motor protection
  • Solid steel construction
  • Mechanical or hydraulic quick coupler according to customer requirements





  • Compaction of surfaces & ditches
  • Compaction of deep trenches, in the pipe zone


Areas of application

  • Underground engineering
  • Path & road construction
  • Earthworks
  • Structural engineering
  • Gardening & landscaping
  • Cable & pipeline construction


Your benefits

  • Best possible compaction through adjustable frequency & impact force
  • Enormous penetration, thus high efficiency in all soil conditions
  • Significantly higher utilisation of the carrier
  • No expensive idling & downtime
  • Reduction of noise, vibrations & exhaust fumes
  • Minimised risk of accidents through mechanical compaction directly on site
  • Reduction of pipe & environmental damage through controlled compaction, especially in vibration-sensitive areas
  • Short payback period due to effective, mechanical compaction & the better utilisation of the machines


Optional extra:

  • UAM-Controller
  • UAM Extension plates


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