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Building block for the heat transition

Heat recovery from wastewater: Using existing potential efficiently with UHRIG

The energy transition is urgently needed and an established political goal. Innovation and creativity are required in its realisation. The Therm-Liner technology from UHRIG uses existing structures and a free energy source for climate-friendly heating. Our mission is: Wastewater heat recovery.

Everyone is talking about the energy transition. We are tackling it. Strictly speaking, we prefer to speak of the heat transition, because our technology relies on climate-friendly heat recovery. Specifically, we use the residual heat contained in the wastewater as an energy source, according to the same principle as geothermal energy. In this way, buildings, building complexes, entire neighbourhoods or heating networks can be supplied with environmentally friendly heat: Wastewater heat as a building block of the energy transition!

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Heat from wastewater

Heat recovery directly from the duct. This is how the simple and innovative technology of heat exchanger, development pipe and heat pump works.

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Potential in wastewater

Climate-friendly heating energy for the future

Whether for heating or cooling - heat recovery from wastewater pays off threefold, because it is economical, climate-friendly and easy to implement.

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The sewer as a heating network

Exploit waste heat potential and gain at all levels

The sewers are there and the heat energy is just waiting to be exploited. With wastewater heat recovery, we make optimum use of existing networks!

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Economic efficiency: Heat from wastewater pays off!

Wastewater heat utilisation cheap and efficient with UHRIG

Wastewater heat recovery is a good idea, but does it pay off? Learn more about the economic efficiency of heat from wastewater.

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Politics & energy transition

Adapt framework conditions in policy and funding

Wastewater heat utilisation holds enormous potential for the energy transition. This must also be reflected in politics and in the corresponding framework conditions.

This is how we go about it

Wastewater is warm. We recover this heat via heat exchangers integrated into the sewer. Our Therm-Liner systems are used for this purpose. These are custom-made stainless steel modules that are installed in the existing sewer. We take care of an efficient development and the connection to the building and use heat pumps to use the heat generated as heating energy. The idea behind it is to use existing environmental heat. Because that is efficient, economical and climate-friendly.


This is how you benefit

Sewers are usually located exactly where the heat demand is highest: in cities and industrial areas. This makes the development of this heat source particularly attractive from an economic point of view, even without special funding. At favourable locations, the production costs of heating with wastewater heat are an almost unbeatable 7 ct/kWh. Whether wastewater heat with UHRIG is also a worthwhile alternative for your project depends on a few key data such as the heat demand and the sewer situation. We will be happy to check these together with you. Just give us a call or write to us!

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