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Sewer management

Smart solutions for monitoring & control of wastewater systems

With UHRIG, sewer management has never been easier! We develop smart, individual solutions that rely on state-of-the-art technologies from the areas of network technology, process optimisation and automation. Digitalisation has long since reached the sewer system. This makes intelligent sewer networks possible that collect and process data themselves and monitor processes. In the event of a problem, the digital systems sound the alarm at an early stage so that specialist workers can intervene quickly.

UHRIG recognised the potential of integral sewer management for plant operators and municipalities years ago and offers established solutions. Since every sewer network is unique, our automation specialists adapt the possible measures to the conditions on site accordingly. Our systems are open, which means that scaling is not a problem for us later on. If new weirs or aggregates are put into service within your network, they can of course be integrated into the existing systems and connected to the central control centre. When it comes to sewer management, we also rely on our proven UHRIG principle, i.e. complete solutions that are well thought out from start to finish.

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Measurement Technology

Modern measuring sensors for the sewer system

Smart technology is not only revolutionising everyday work and leisure. It is also now a key feature in modern infrastructure. The future of urban planners is smart: from smart homes to smart grids to connected smart cities. Smart cities need the digital infrastructure not only above ground but also underground.

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Network technology

For the control system: Key interface between hardware & software

Even the sewage system can be connected to the "Internet of Things" and thus linked to smart technology. Thanks to network technology, sewer management has never been easier. UHRIG makes modern sewer networks smart!

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Circuits and software

Technology is one aspect, targeted control the other

Only targeted control of the systems makes it possible to fully exploit the potential of the digitalisation of wastewater systems. Without appropriate control and thus programmed algorithms, the best technology and the most modern systems are of little use. UHRIG therefore not only plans and optimises the sewage system from start to finish. Our IT specialists also optimise the associated software and develop individual solutions.

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System construction

UHRIG is your specialist for weirs & aggregates in sewage systems

When it comes to flow cross-sections, impoundment targets or overflow areas, the UHRIG system engineering experts are at their best. In our system construction, we rely on custom-made weirs and aggregates made of reinforced concrete for all sewage systems - from sewers to retention basins in urban drainage.


Specialist service for intelligent sewer networks

Competence in advice and execution

The management of intelligent sewer networks is a broad field. We provide detailed information, explain the background and answer your questions. When it comes to planning and realizing your specific project, UHRIG is also the right contact for you. Give us a call!

The future of wastewater systems is digital

Digital technology in the sewer system is the basis for integral sewer management. Built-in sensors collect data. Network technology forwards these to a central control centre. Software analyses the data arriving in real time and reports when algorithms detect problems in defined processes. Targeted countermeasures can then be taken. If, for example, the flow rate of the wastewater in a sewer section is reduced, a weir can be opened automatically to initiate targeted surge flushing. It removes any deposits before a major blockage occurs, which would require a much more complex intervention. The sensors in turn monitor the success of the measure and report the result back to the control centre. Sewer management doesn’t get any better, easier or faster than this!


Digital sewer management is always ready for action

Thanks to digitalisation, wastewater systems can be controlled and monitored automatically – at any time, day or night, winter or summer, Christmas or Easter. This reduces the amount of work, increases security and helps to minimise costs significantly. In this way, the wastewater fees for the citizens remain as stable as possible for a longer period of time.

Your employees no longer have to go down into the sewers every day to take measurements. As an employer, you gain flexibility because you can assign your staff to other tasks. Should problems arise that require human intervention, you will be informed promptly and automatically via SMS. By using an app, your employees can also view the current status of the system at any time while on the road.

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