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System construction

UHRIG is your specialist for weirs & aggregates in sewage systems

Weirs and aggregates are important components in the sewage system. UHRIG has specialised precisely in the construction of such systems. We deliver precise, tailor-made systems for your sewers that help you to optimally manage the wastewater volume in both dry and rainy weather operations.

When it comes to flow cross-sections, impoundment targets or overflow areas, the UHRIG system engineering experts are at their best. In our system construction, we rely on custom-made weirs and aggregates made of reinforced concrete for all sewage systems – from sewers to retention basins in urban drainage. All systems are precisely adapted to the respective location – of course, under the typical UHRIG standards: space-saving, highly efficient and inexpensive. Of course, we also supply the corresponding control and networking system. After all, we rely on the tried and tested UHRIG system and thus on complete solutions that have been thought through from start to finish and which, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and perfect control, make your water systems fit for the requirements of the future. In this way, we provide optimum sewer management by ensuring smooth sewer operation. Contact us if you have any questions about a specific project in systems engineering.

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Cascade weirs & spillways for modern wastewater systems

Relieving, flushing and regulating are the tasks of our weirs, which are part of the indispensable infrastructure of modern sewage systems. With many decades of civil engineering experience, we are continuously developing processes and technologies for the management of sewers.

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Throttle aggregates & flushing aggregates as a component of the sewer infrastructure

Aggregates also help relieve sewers. They often regulate the flow rate of the wastewater and thus also enable, for example, the water to be dammed up for targeted flushing of the sewer system.

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Control systems

Exploit the potential of automatic weirs & aggregates with digitalisation in the sewer

The constant digitalisation of everyday life does not stop at water management and sewer network operations. It also unfolds enormous potential here. Modern systems help, for example, to implement grid management ever more efficiently, effectively and cost-consciously. More and more measurement technology is being used in combination with network technology.

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