Relieving, flushing and regulating are the tasks of our weirs, which are part of the indispensable infrastructure of modern sewage systems. In each of UHRIG's business fields, our claim is to set ecological and economic standards. And of course, we therefor also work in a resource-conscious manner in system construction in order to protect our economy and the environment. Please contact us if you have specific questions about cascade weirs or discharge weirs for your residential drainage system.

Cascade weirs

A cascade weir is a highly variable system for throttling the flow, which is arranged at the main end of the sewer. With this in mind, hydraulic engineering experts also speak of a so-called throttle body.


Description: This is how a cascade weir works

If the system lifts the weir, the waste water backs up in the sewer. The volume available in the sewage system can thus be used to store rainwater without the need for new investments in rainwater retention basins.

When the pre-set water level is reached, the cascade weir keeps the water flow constant. An automatic back-up target control monitors and controls the forwarding quantity.

When the rain event is over, the weir automatically moves down. This means that the dry weather runoff can now flow again unhindered. The cascade weir also makes it possible to automatically flush the sewer during dry weather periods. To do this, it accumulates a defined amount of wastewater at pre-parametrised intervals. A rapid lowering of the weir releases the wastewater in the form of a flushing wave.

Your benefit with UHRIG cascade weirs

The advantages of cascade weirs are obvious: They make it possible to utilise the existing sewer volume in the case of mixed water treatment in the best way possible. Even in dry weather it is possible to remove deposits in the sewer with regular flushing by means of targeted damming. This prevents major damage and minimises renovation costs.




Discharge weir

Discharge weirs also serve to protect against floods and improve the management of sewer systems.


Description: This is how a discharge weir works

In the case of discharge weirs, a movable weir plate replaces the fixed sill, which is usually arranged in the conventional construction method. The discharge weir is hydraulically operated. The weir plate is able to expose the entire cross section of the relief channel in the lowest position. In this way, a constant water level can be achieved in the sewer network and, at the same time, it is possible to relieve the system of considerable amounts of wastewater. In the highest position of the weir, the system guarantees improved flood protection compared to conventional discharge weir systems.


Your benefit with UHRIG discharge weirs

Discharge weirs offer many advantages for wastewater system operators. With the help of the systems, operators can achieve 100 per cent utilisation of the sewer volume without having to accept losses due to the overflow height. Discharge weirs have a significantly shorter threshold length. The water level in the network remains the same regardless of the amount of discharge water.

The UHRIG discharge weirs offer a higher level of hydraulic safety during heavy rainfall events. They thus significantly reduce the risk of flooding due to an imperfect overflow. Thus, flood protection is possible up to the upper edge of the terrain. The system also remains flexible in the long term, because with discharge weirs the threshold height is not concreted but parameterised.


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