In order to avoid damage to pipes and surrounding buildings, we developed the UAM Controller.

The UAM controller is available as an option from the HD800 series.

It permanently measures the frequency and warns the machine operator if it is dangerously close or if the natural frequency of the ground is reached, e.g. in the case of damp and heavy soils or too great a load on the compactor. When working in the natural frequency range, damage can occur to surrounding buildings or installed pipes.

The advantages at a glance

  • Permanent optical control display in the direction of view to the carrier.
  • Energy self-sufficient through solar power
  • Electronic logbook and operating hours, can be read out at any time via Bluetooth connection (also via an app directly from a smartphone).
  • Logging of the working frequencies and the place of use by means of an integrated GPS module.


Attention: critical natural frequency range

Raise compactor and/or check hydraulic settings.


Ground conditions

Suitable for different soils


Cohesive soils

  • Low frequency approx. 28-35 Hz
  • Control light: yellow

Mixed-grain soils

  • Medium frequency approx. 35-45 Hz
  • Control light: green

Non-cohesive soil (sand, gravel)

  • High frequency approx. 45-55 Hz
  • Control light: white


The UAM-App

With the UAM app, the UAM controller can be read out via Bluetooth and the logged operating times can be displayed and processed into a report (.pdf format).

This report can be shared directly from the app and archived in the construction file, for example.

Also included in the app are the data sheets of the UAM attachment compactors as well as the operating instructions with spare parts list and exploded view drawings.

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